Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm sick

Jus attended Precamp for O week during this week's monday and tuesday. Unfortunately, i fall sick during monday evening and it got worse on monday night. eventually, i left on tuesday noon after the war games to rest at home. Sleep all the way until 4 to 5 pm in the evening. total sickness - FLU, COUGH, FEVER

Now I felt better after swallowing so many tablets and drinking so much syrup. I gotta feel better soon as i have a chalet to attend this weekend. I'm the co-organiser - cant be absent. =)

My lappy was hit by a spyware this afternoon, thanks to gangyi, it recovered. now back to normal. hahas...

yesterday, jus got to know one of my JC classmate, Melissa, too has a blog. So went to see see read read. Her latest post struck me. Its about the new movie, PENELOPE. She mentioned," How many true loves you can find in the world today. Someone not bothered by looks or you social status or academic performance? How many are confident in the way you are right now?"

After reading this, i came to think about my current situation. I am lucky to have a guy who loved me so much and so many friends who are there for me when i needed them. I may not be somebody who has really good features which can attract attentions of many. At least At least i have u guys. It's hard to find such ppl, but i did found some of them =)

I have heard some of my friends mentioned that they are looking for partners with that kind of looks, that kind of built and that kind of social status and many other requirements. Indeed, ppl nowadays are really bothered by how ppl look and their social status. yes you are! No denial.

Frankily, I am not so confident in the way i am right now though. For reasons that are rather apparent. I am guilty too.

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