Sunday, June 22, 2008

My first new post


Let me check ah, my last post in my super old and dusty blog was dated November 23 2006!
It was very very long time ago isnt it?
Thus, i've decided to start a brand new blog for my brand new life in the future!
Now, i have everything including good pals and my lovely hubby!
I can tell you that my current status of life is - Fortunate and happy!
My new life is going to start in NUS, Faculty of Arts and Social Science and i'm going for the camp on monday until friday! 5 whole days! dun miss me alright?
I'm kinda sleepy right now.
Probably i will update wad I have been doing these few months tmr night okays?

Go0d night!


Felipe Hopeful said...

That's so niice!!...Congratss!!

I'm kinda changing my life now too...but I have just graduated...and you are starting...good luck!!

iRene said...

Thanks alot! =) So surprised that you are actually the first to read my first post!

Good luck to you too!

cLoVerb3e said...

chou enen... u reali damn long nv blog pls... =X