Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feeling the stress...

Heys.. I am starting to feel the stress..
*breathe in*
*breathe out*

I just completed two shows: Fated to Love You and They kissed Again.
so so enjoyed enjoyed....

So recently quite busy..
see? I have skipped a couple of days of blogging already. =(
gees... no worries! I'm doing fine recently.

Tutorials and projects are coming up! yippee! So co0l!

You may think that I'm a sicko or something.
Actually I like to keep myself occupied.
Not that I am a bookworm or workaholic.
I just like the feeling of me being impt. (hee, like no link)
But nvm. I like to feel like I'm wanted. ha!

Personal tots:

Another setback will not crush my beautiful dream.

woots! Aja Aja Fighting!

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