Monday, August 11, 2008

My last post in relation to you

heya folks! Jus came back from NUS after only a 2 hrs lecture.
Initially I thought that there will be this Genes and Society lecture from 4pm to 6pm. Ended up, it's only going to start after 1st Sep! So now i gonna go to sch every monday just for the 2 hrs lecture. whaha!

I know that this entry is rather lo0o0ong. But I hoped that you can read it all and feel for me. Thanks!

This entry is going to be the last entry mentioning about him. Jus feel like recounting those times spend with him.

Those times spend with him holding my hands in his is truly one of the happiest moments i had in my 18 yrs of life.

I wanna thank him for bringing me out to 'see' the world, really enjoyed myself pretty much at a rather young age of 18.

On the 1st of May 2008, he brought me to the Singapore Flyer when it's just newly launched. He kept me in suspense though, before i knew it, i was so touched that i almost cried. Though i didnt really express excessively how happy I am, but I am sure that he can tell by looking at my happy eyes.

We knew each other during my holiday job in Ritz when i was studying JC1. My year end holidays, so thought of earning some money. Recommended by bk, i went there to work and i met him.

We get real together on the 16th of Nov 2007 at around 0115am. It's really our sweetest moment. =)

The first movie we've watched is DECK THE HALLS. That was during the christmas fever as it was Dec already. And our first dating place is actually IKEA at queenstown, cute rite? We walked a few rounds looking at the stuffs and playing 'hide and seek' with each other. Rather childish at his age, i'm sorry. hahas!

We then spend NEW YEAR 08 together while working in Ritz, admiring the fireworks together. A different feeling man, spending it while working, and at the same time having fun along with the guests there. At that point of time, everybody's spirits were already at their highest level. Romantic!

You know what?

Both of us, being movie freaks, have watched a total of 59 movies together during this period of 1 year 7 mths. We will never missed any blockbusters as long as we are together.
(Why do i have the statistics? Cox everytime we watched a movie, he will pass me the tickets to keep as our 'records' and of course, i have counted every single one of them already)

Of course, there are more wonderful things that he has done for me. He is always that accommodating to me. Caring and considerate are the qualities which I don't deny that he has. All the while, he has been quite an amazing boyfiend. Forever flooding my sms inbox to find wad have i been doing and how's my day going.

Recently, I believed most of my friends are aware of this, we went for a chalet trip together in sentosa from 7th July to 9th July. A wonderful experience i must say. Being so close to him during these few days is an experience hard to describe even using words.

Some of you may find me foolish. 'After wad he did to you, y still wanna tok about him?'

I just want to give this relationship a complete ending so that i can store it into my memory disk, keeping it safely.

It's hard to narrate our story you know? It actually requires a considerable amount of courage from myself. If i have the courage to write all these, I will have enough courage forget all about it yea? I will definitely feel better after writing it all out.

While typing this, drops of my tears have fallen down as reality checks for me, its not easy, so please continue reading.

Despite him doing this to me, I still wanna thank him for changing me into a better person and making me into a more confident person.

Probably jus because he treats me too well and eventually he finds it too tired to love someone, and now, he wants to look for someone who loves him. On a second thought, I no longer blame him for seeking love from others anymore.

Therefore, my resolution for my next relationship (don't think it will come so soon though) is:

To love him as much as he loves me.

It really surprised and saddens me when u told me that your love towards me is not as strong as before already. U used to love me so much, and now, who0sh! Sorry no more.

However, my love towards u is still the same. It really hurts baby...

In conclusion, Many thanks for loving me and letting my life to the fullest during these 1 yr and 7 mths.

But if you asked me, I do not regret this relationship at all. Not even an ounce.

I know that I can no longer love you anymore.

So let this be my last gift of love for you.

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