Wednesday, February 4, 2009


ohh noo.. i have neglected my blog for quite sometime already. so so so sorry.. was really busy recently. like VERY!

Went out for CNY and stuff. Though we didnt go back to visit our relatives, we do have programmes on our own. hahas.

my ang bao money not very impressive, so we shall skip that.

I have been getting into sleeping debts and falling really back behind on my readings.

Especially NM2101. The book is so WORDY! I can fall sleep on the first page. argh!

Sometimes, i do wonder what am i busying with? When i come to think of it at times, i really cant give myself an answer. I didnt even have time to go out to shop anymore. what am i doing? urgh! gonna do a reflection.

My time management hasnt been a problem during my first semester.
However, now, with my BAD sleeping habits, my time management sucks.
gonna control control! bleahs...

I am currently very interested in this line of parfum by Paul Smith.
Guys. If you are looking for a nice perfume, i would strongly encourage this.
However, i have found out from the website, if i am not wrong, it mentioned that it is a unisex perfume. yea... i shall go check it out sometime.

Paul Smith Story.
Nice smell. I like. =D

Dont believe, you can go try.

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