Sunday, February 8, 2009

Drive for the first time on the expressway

woots people!

i forgot to take pics! but its okay. i shall take pics when i can drive the car out ON MY OwN.

Today was under my dad's supervision. I drove all the way from Pasir Ris back to my home in woodlands.

Taking two different highways. It is so thrilling!
hahas! I was actually quite surprise by my dad's confidence in me.

I thought he might implement some step by step Road Familiarisation Pan for me. hahas!

First attempt to drive on the road with a different car of a different 'mode'.
My dad's car is larger and is automatic.
I used to drive a manual car in the road with my instructor.

I can totally feel the difference.
You have a better control of a manual car, but driving an auto car is so much easier.

when u want your car to go faster, u have to gear up, no matter wad.
However, auto car, as long as ur foot is on the accelerator pedal, ur car can go very fast, sometimes, dangerously, without u knowing it. hahas! that's the difference, IMO.

My dad also very eccentric. He expects me to drive like a pro on the road after passing la.
Ridiculous! When i exceeded the stop line at a small T junction, he screams at me. I know i have made a mistake and i am aware of it. i did it only when it is safe.

I need time to get use to his car's brakes and stuff lei... ai yohh..
Luckily i have already prepared for his 'scream', otherwise i may suffer a Shock. hahas!
I appeared to be more calm than him! whahahaha!

then he laughed at me for shifting the driver's seat so front. then he said,' you need to drive a few more times before u can sit backwards.' hahas! wad a comment!

little things that my serious and stern dad did.....

the day before, i have borrowed the probation plates from iman. then i brought it home to show my parents. we went out for house viewing and i left it in the car.

At first, i though my dad did not plan to let me drive his car that soon. cox he seems to ignore my probation plates at first. i feel sad.

the next morning when i woke up. he still didnt mention about my plates.

so i asked him,'pa.. the plates how to stick?'

dad replied,'I stick them on this morning already.'

woots! brightens up my day! thanks dad! =D

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