Friday, July 11, 2008

out to NTU

I'm going to NTU later for Rotary District Assembly event. The actual day for the event is on Saturday.but i Will be staying there for the night. so that I will be there to pack the goodie stuffs and do other misc. duties till late night.

But! I will still bring my heavy lappy there to accompany me.. no worries. but i'm still considering bah.. hahas..

okay. Let's move on.

One of my fave dog species is SCHNAUZER. Mini or normal size is okay but i prefer white or light colors species more. They are cute and tamed and you dont see them barking often. However their maintainence is HIGH! you have to groom them occasionally. I used to call this species of dog "old dog" when i am young becox they have those bushy eyebrows on top of their heads.. hahas.. look like those "ah pek" characters.. Here are some cute pix that i found from flicker.

say cheeze!


Woah! even cuter!

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