Friday, September 5, 2008

Botox kills?

You guys know wad...

One of my module: Microbes which changed human history
is an interesting module talking about viruses like HIV and bacteria.. and some diseases which stays around us since history.

I have learnt that BOTOX (yes, BOTOX!) is done by using one of the toxins (Botulinum Toxin)found in bacteria which can cause a severe disease called Botulism.

The most important symptom of Botulism is PARALYSIS. It hinders the nervous system and hence muscles are not able to receive any contraction signals. Hence, patients' body with Botulism disease are wobbly (like jelly).

Imagine it.

No muscles contraction at all. You spine will collapse.

That's why... ppl injected it into parts of their faces to prevent wrinkles.

Does it boils down to a 'paralysed face'?



Then i found this article on the net.

Oh my!

European agency warns of possible Botox side effects

The price to pay for beauty.

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